Metro Rail Psychological Aptitude Test: Complete info & Guidance

Metro Rail Psychological Aptitude Test: Complete info & Guidance

Guidelines for candidates appearing for psychological aptitude test organized by Metro Rail

Like Psychological aptitude for the different post in Indian Railway as Assistant Loco Pilot (ALP), Assistant Station Master (ASM) and Motor Man, Psychological Test for the recruitment in metro rail is also conducted by the Psycho-Technical unit of RDSO.
There are two posts in Metro Rail for which Psycho Test is compulsory to pass after clearing written test. These two posts of Metro are Station controller (SC) and Train operator (TO). 
Here we are going to share complete details of Psycho Test exclusively for metro rail. Details of Psycho tests for ALP and ASM post is already shared here at this link. Only a few tests of Metro Rail Psycho is similar to Indian Railway psycho posts. 


Psychological tests have been designed for various categories of job in critical safety categories.

How these tests are helpful for Recruiter to choose correct candidates for the respective post is listed here 

Now, Letus start discussing details of Tests for the post of SC/TO and CRA

Composition of Metro Railway’s Psycho/Aptitude Test

· Intelligence Test
· Memory Test
· Concentration Test
· Personality Test
· Field Independence Test

· Reaction Time Test

Each test battery has separate Time Limits, which will be advised to you during test sessions. You have to solve test items and mark your answers within the prescribed time.

Generally, the tests are administered in groups of 50-100 candidates.
Candidates are required to answer the questions given in test booklets and mark the responses on OMR Answer Sheets. In OMR sheet each test has a separate box numbered according to number of questions asked per test battery

Below is a Sample of Answer sheet of Metro Rail Corporation which you will get in examination hall of Psycho Tests.
How to record your answer in answer sheet:
The answers are marked on the answer sheet by fully darkening the circles which go with your answers.

Use a blue ball point pen. Remember you are not permitted to change your answer.

Lists of Pen variant which are useful for fast marking in the Psycho test is available here.

Please note:
· Your OMR Answer Sheet has spaces for writing your Roll Number, Answers to Practice Problems, Test ID and Test Code for each test and Answers to Test proper
· There is a separate answer space for each test of the battery. Be careful to mark your answers at the correct place
· Only one circle is to be darkened for each answer.
· Do not make any stray marks on your Answer Sheet or Test booklets.

Number of Questions and allowed Time slot for CRA:

Test No.
Test Name
Total Questions
Time Allowed
Embedded Figure Test
2 sets of 9 Question each =18Q.
10 min. For each set= 20 Min.
Figure Association Test
10 Min
Observation test
5 Min
Memory Test
2 sets of 21 Question each= 42Q,
5 Min for each set= 10 Min
Personality Test
15 Min
Machine Test
As much as you can within a time limit.
1-2 min

The sample of Tests:
· Intelligence Test
This is a test of intelligence. There are 25 problems in this test. In each problem, you are to decide which figure shows the parts given in the left-hand box correctly fitted together.


For Tricks, Solved Example, Explanation, Practice Sets of Intelligence test must Read Metro Rail Psycho Preparation Kit

· Memory Test
This is a test of memorising Picture-Number combinations. The test is in two parts. In each part, there is a Memory page and a Test page. You are required to remember 21 picture-number pairs given on the Memory page. After some time you will be asked to go to the Test page, which shows the pictures in a different order. You will be asked to indicate the numbers that go with them. You may pick your answer out of the four options given for each picture and mark the correct answer on your OMR sheet by darkening the corresponding circle.


For Fast scoring, Memory Tricks must do a good amount of Practice questions.

· Concentration Test
Also called Observation Test.
This is a test of Power of Observation. There are 30 problems in this test. 
Time allowed- 5 minutes
In each problem, 6 figures of 4×4 Matrix named A, B, C, D, E, and F are given. Out of these, five figures are identical and one figure is different than the others in some respect. You are required to identify the dissimilar figure.
This test is most crucial to decide your score because it is a time taking and creating much confusion when you are in a hurry in the exam hall. So to read how to score fastly in this test must our Read Concentration Test Tricks

· Personality Test
In this test, some questions are asked to see what attitudes and interests you have. There are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answers because everyone has the right to put his own views.
1. I like to watch team games.
A) yes
B) occasionally
C) no

2. I prefer people who:
A) are reserved
B) (are) in between
C) make friends quickly

If there is no ‘Right’ or ‘Wrong’ then which option you should choose to qualify/clear this test?

· Field Independence Test
In this test, you are asked to find a simple pattern from a complex pattern and mark them properly with a pencil.
For the more detailed explanation and Tricks Read: Metro Rail Psycho Preparation Kit.
· Reaction Time Test
Also called Machine Test.
Time allowed: 1 Minute.
Number of Question: Depends upon your speed, how fast you are answering.
This is a computer based test.

How to perform this test-
Put a finger of your dominant hand on the rest (L) button to begin.
A Red, Green or Yellow light will appear on the screen at random.
Press the button corresponding to the colour of light as early as possible.
After pressing the button your finger should go back to the rest (L) button.

To know more details about Machine test Read: Metro Rail Psycho Preparation Kit.(Machine Test Tricks)

Metro Rail Psycho Test Preparation Kit
This Kit includes all Psychological Tests of Metro Rail Exam along with “How to solve guide“. After reading this explanatory kit, you didn’t need any help from others to understand these Psycho Tests. Each Psycho Test of this kit has some mock practice sets too.
This Kit is helpful for- DMRC, LMRC, NMRC, GMRC, JMRC, BMRC, DFCCIL, MEGA Gujrat etc. Psycho Exams

Metro Rail Psycho Preparation Kit- Buy@Rs150
Concentration Test Tricks- Buy@Rs50
Psycho Memory Test Tricks- Buy@Rs65
Psycho Personality Test Tricks- Buy@Rs50 
Machine Test Guide- Buy@Rs25

Note: Before performing each test they (invigilators) will give you instruction and tell to do some practice questions. So, don’t worry. Must ask invigilators if you have any query in the exam hall.

If you have any confusion/query regarding any Psycho Test please write us at we will solve your query and problem.

Your Like and share motivate us to post more useful psycho test tricks. So, Please like and share it.

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