[PDF] Indian History Handwritten Notes For Competitive Exams [Full+Summary]

Indian History Handwritten Notes For Competitive Exams

Hello, eReaders! In this post, we are sharing Indian History Handwritten notes. This Indian History Notes include Ancient history, Medieval History, and Modern History. You can download these notes from below mentioned link. These are Indian history handwritten notes in English. These Indian history notes for UPSC PDF will help you to score more and more in the exam. In SSC CGL Exam 5-8 questions are asked from this subject. These notes are also useful for NCERT CBSE class 10 history classes.


Contents of The Handwritten Notes

Ancient Indian history

  1. Pre-Harappan cultures and Indus valley civilization: origin, important of town planning, trade, and commerce, the downfall 
  2. Famous towns of ancient India
  3. Chronology of important events 
  4. Age of maha Jana padas 
  5. Ancient India rules and important Kingdoms, Magadh, Maurya, Shunga, Kanva, Andhra Satavahana, Kushana, Gupta, Vardhan etc.
  6. Rajputs
  7. Religion and culture in ancient India
  8. History of South India.
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Medieval Indian History

  1. Slave dynasty, Khilji dynasty, Tughlaq dynasty and Lodi dynasty
  2. Vijayanagar and Bahamani Kingdom
  3. Bhakti and Sufi movements
  4. Art, Science, Religion, Society, Economy and Administration
  5. Regional Kingdoms and their features
  6. Contemporary historians and their work 
  7. Famous battles and their chronology
Mughal Dynasty
  1. Babur, Humayun, Akbar, Jehangir, Shah Jehan, Mughal rulers
  2. Zamindari Mansabdari, and Jagirdari systems
  3. Religious policy, of the Mughal Deccan policy, Rajput policy etc.
  4. Art, religion, society, economy and administration 
  5. Famous historians and their works
  6. Sher Shah, Sikh and Maratha empire
  7. Famous wars and their chronology.
The arrival of European companies
  1. Fall of Mughal dynasty 
  2. The arrival of various European companies
  3. War of supremacy amongst the European companies 
  4. Rise and Expansion of the East India company  
Test: Medieval India History MCQ

Modern India History

  1. Bengal, Avadh, Punjab, Hyderabad and British Imperialism 
  2. Famous wars and treaties 
  3. Ranjit Singh, Tipu Sultan, and Jai Singh
  4. Major Agrarian revolts
  5. Major tribal revolts 
  6. Major caste movements
  7. Major labour movements 
  8. Famous Governor Generals, Viceroys, and their achievements
  9. The revolt of 1857 10. Socio-Religious reform movements
  10. The economic history of modern India 
  11. Constitutional history of modern India 
  12. Administrative history of modern India 
Freedom Movement
  1. Important newspapers, Periodical Novels, Minor and major literary works.
  2. Important personalities, Organisations, conferences, and Institutions.
  3. Famous thoughts, philosophies, and statements
  4. Rise of nationalism, Congress moderates, and Extremist
  5. Achievements of annual congress meetings.
  6. Antipartition movement in Bengal and Swadeshi Movement
  7. Gandhi and freedom struggle
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