GK Tricks For Geography Questions

Tricks to memorise Geography Questions Country which share only land boundary with India: Trick- BAN B= Bhutan A= Afghanistan N= Nepal Country which shares both land and maritime boundary with India: Trick- Ma BaP [मां बाप] Ma= MayanmarBa= Bangladesh P= PakistanOcean list (Largest to smallest)Trick- PAISAP= PacificA= AtlanticI= IndiaS= Southern (Newly added in yr 2000)A=

Tricks to Remember Indian State Where “Tropic of Cancer” Passes

Short Tricks For Indian State Where “Tropic of Cancer”  Passes Tropic of Cancer in INDIA passes through following listed states: 1. Gujarat2. Rajisthan3. Madhya Pradesh4. Chhatisgarh5. Jharkhand6. West Bengal7. Tripura8. Mizoram SHORT TRICK: – GRaM MiTr JCB For Hindi Medium Aspirants / Students: Copyright: – Copying of “Tricks” without the written permission of Admin Of this blog is strictly