1) Information retrieval is faster from
a) Floppy disk
b) Magnetic tape
c) Hard disk
d) None of the above
2) Operating system is
a) A collection of hardware components
b) A collection of input-output devices
c) A collection of software routines
d) none of the above
3) Operating system
a) Link a program with the subroutines it references
b) Provides a layered, user-friendly interface
c) Enables a programmer to draw a flowchart
d) None of the above
4) Execution of two or more programs by a single CPU is known as :
a) Multiprocessing
b) Time sharing
c) Multiprogramming
d) None of the above
5) Modem stands for
a) A type of secondary memory
b) Modulator demodulator
c) Mainframe operating device memory
d) None of the above
6) Typical data transfer rate in LAN are of the order of
(a) Bits per sec
(b) Kilo bits per sec
(c) Mega bits per sec
(d) None of the above
7) Ethernet uses
(a) Bus topology
(b) Ring topology
(c) Mesh topology
(d) None of the above
8) Wide area networks (WANs) always require
(a) High bandwidth communication source link
(b) High speed processors
(c) Same type
(d) None of the above
9) Typical bandwidth of optical fibers is
(a) Order of GHz
(b) Order of KHz
(c) Order of Hz
(d) None of the above
10) A large number of computers in a wide geographical area can be efficiently connected by
(a) Twisted pair lines
(b) Coaxial cables
(c) Communications satellites
(d) None of the above
11) Which of the following topologies is not of broadcast type ?
(a) Star
(b) Bus
(c) Ring
(d) None of the above
12) Bug means
(a) A logical error in a program
(b) Documenting programs using an efficient Documentation too
(c) A difficult syntax error in a program
(d) None of the above
13) The part of machine level instruction, which tells the central processor what was to be Done is
(a) Operation code
(b) Address
(c) Operand
(d) None of the above
14)Indicate which , of the following is not true about 4GL.
a)4GL does not support a high –level of screen interaction
b)Many database management system packages support 4GLs
c)A 4GL is a software tool which is written, possibly, in some third generation language
d)None of the above
15) Indicate which of the following, best describes the term “software”
a)Systems programs only
b)Application programs only
c)Both (a) and (b)
d)None of the above
16) Operating system’s and utility program are in a class of software known as?
a) Application Software
b) Sequential software
c) Software suites
d) BIOS Software
e) System software
17) The justification that aligns text on both margins of document in Word is?
a) Justify
b) Bold
c) Centre
d) Right
e) Balanced
18). What do we call the Inbuilt Storage Device in the Computer……?
a) Hard Disk
b) Mother Board
c) RAM
d) ROM
e) None of these
19). A byte can represent any number between 0 and _____?
a) 2
b) 255
c) 256
d) 1024
e) 1025
20). Which part of the computer helps to store information?
a) Monitor
b) Keyboard
c) Disk drive
d) Printer
e) None of these
21). Linux is a type of____ software?
a) Share ware
b) Commercial
c) Proprietary
d) Open source
e) Hidden type
22).Which key is used to delete one character to the left of the current position of the cursor?
a) Backspace
b) Delete
c) Insert
d) Esc
e) Ctrl
23).What of the following means the altering of computer system software to achieve a task
for which it was not originally designed…?
a) Breaking
b) Hacking
c) Trekking
d) Pegging
e) None of these
24). POST stands for?
a) Power on Self Test
b) Program on self test
c) Power on system test
d) Program on system test
e) None of these
25). An educational institution would generally have the following in its domain name?
a) .org
b) .edu
c) .inst
d) .com
e) .sch

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