1. Which of the following statements is TRUE about the public switched telephone network (PSTN)?
(1) PSTN is a packet-switching network
(2) PSTN is comprised of a variety of physical media, including twisted pair and fiber optic cable
(3) PSTN is exclusively a digital network system
(4) PSTN is only used for voice transmissions, while the Internet is used for data transmissions
(5) None of these
2. Difference between the Internet and the World Wide Web?
(1) The Internet is the collection of computers, while the World Wide Web is the wiring and transmission protocols that connect them
(2) The Internet carries traffic for schools, government offices, and other public organizations, while the World Wide Web carries commercial traffic
(3) The Internet consists of software programs such as e-mail and IRC, while the World Wide Web is a collection of Web pages
(4) The Internet is the physical network of global computers, while the World Wide Web is many hypertext documents distributed globally over many computers
(5) None of these
3. Which of the following runs on a user’s local computer and is used to request and display Web pages?
(1) FTP
(2) Web browser
(3) Web server
(4) HTML
(5) None of these
4. Which of the following computer types is most powerful?
(1) Professional workstation
(2) Internet appliance
(3) Desktop computer
(4) Network computer
(5) None of these
5. Which of the following is the most frequently used input device?
(1) Microphone
(2) Scanner
(3) Touch screen
(4) Mouse
(5) None of these
6. A modem is necessary if you want to-
(1) Add a scanner to your computer system
(2) Have voice mail added to your regular telephone service
(3) Connect to other computers or to the Internet using phone line, cable, or wireless connections.
(4) Display digital camera photographs on your computer screen
(5) None of these
7. MS Excel is a?
(1) Window based word processor package
(2) Window based spreadsheet package
(3) DOS based spreadsheet package
(4) Window based accounting package
(5) None of these
8. The flow of data between countries commonly called as?
(1) International information system
(2) EDI
(3) Outsourcing
(4) Trans border data flow
(5) None of these
9. ______ is NOT a purpose of antivirus programs?
(1) Remove any identified viruses
(2) Copy the name of the virus and send it to Microsoft for inspection
(3) Notify a user if a virus is found
(4) Search for viruses
(5) None of these
10. <H1> is an example of _____.
(1) HTML
(2) GML
(3) SGML
(5) None of these
11. Which type of network requires HPNA adapters for communication between network nodes?
(1) Phone line
(2) Wireless
(3) Power line
(4) Ethernet
(5) None of these
12. To analyze vast quantities of scientific data and display underlying patterns, you would use a:
(1) Mainframe
(2) Server
(3) Supercomputer
(4) Minicomputer
(5) None of these
13. The free, open-source operating system that is becoming popular is:
(1) Mac OS X
(2) Microsoft Windows XP
(3) UNIX
(4) Linux
(5) None of these
14. What term is used to describe software that monitors your online computer activities?
(1) Snooper ware
(2) Spyware
(3) Tracker ware
(4) Travel ware
(5) None of these
15. Which memory management technique  makes the RAM appear larger than it is?
(1) Byte mapping
(2) Preemptive multitasking
(3) Read-only memory
(4) Virtual memory
(5) None of these
16. The two major components of system software are:
(1) The operating system and system utilities
(2) Application software and system utilities
(3) Primary memory and storage
(4) The operating system and applications software
(5) None of these
17. Which of the following may be necessary for you to do after you install new application software?
(1) Turn the computer power switch off and then back on
(2) Do a cold boot
(3) Press Shift + Alt + Del
(4) Do a warm boot
(5) None of these
18. The power-on self-test—————-
(1) Checks for upgrades to the application software
(2) Verifies that the computer hardware is working properly
(3) Is able to provide easy-to-follow on-screen instructions to correct hardware problems
(4) Is conducted after the BIOS instructions are placed in memory
(5) None of these
19. Input, processing, output, and storage are collectively referred to as:
(1) The systems cycle
(2) The information processing cycle
(3) The system unit
(4) Communication
(5) None of these
20. Which of the following is NOT part of the motherboard?
(1) System clock
(2) Connector
(3) CPU
(4) Chipset
(5) None of these
21. An example of a wireless medium that sends data through the air or space is:
(1) Fiber-optic cable.
(2) Coaxial cable.
(3) Twisted pair.
(4) Microwaves.
(5) None of these
22. To reverse the effect of your last action in word ————
(1) Use the cut command
(2) Use the Undo command
(3) Press the delete key
(4) Use the Redo command
(5) None of these
23. Information that comes from an external source and fed into computer software is called …………….
(1) Output
(2) Input
(3) Throughput
(4) Reports
(5) None of these

24. The basic unit of a worksheet into which you enter data in Excel is called a–
(1) tab
(2) box
(3) range
(4) cell
(5) None of these
25. All of the following are examples of real security and privacy risks EXCEPT
(1) hackers
(2) viruses
(3) Spam
(4) identity theft

(5) None of these

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