First in Bihar [Static GK]

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First in Bihar

1. First governor- Jairam das Daulatram
2. First Muslim governor- Dr. Zakir Hussain
3. First Chief minister- Sri Krishna Singh
4. First Dalit CM- Bhola Paswan Shastri
5. First Muslim CM- Abdul Gafur


6. First female CM- Rabri Devi
7. First independent CM- Mahamaya Prasad Sinha
8. First Speaker of Bihar Assembly- Ramdayalu Singh
9. First open university of Bihar- Nalanda Open University
10. First Great Poet- Vidyapati
11. First TV relay center- Muzaffarpur
12. First to receive Janpith Purashkar- Dr. Ramdhari Singh dinkar for Urvashi
13. First Chief Justice of Patna High court- Bhuvneshwar Prasad Sinha
14. First Hindi Daily News paper- Bihar bandhu (started in 1974)
15. First Science center- Shri Krishna Science Centre, Patna
16. First irrigation project of Bihar- Son project
17. First oil refinery- Barauni
18. First Ashoka Chakra recipient- Late Randheer Verma
19. First Modern University- Patna University (1917)
20. First most destructive earth quake of Bihar in- 1934


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