Q1. Good competition helps in
1. Better technology
2. More market share
3. Rise in profits
4. Bigger branch network
5. Improved customer service

Q2. ‘Push’ marketing style requires
1. Collective effort
2. Good pushing strength
3. Lengthy talks
4. Ability of identify the leads
5. Aggressive marketing
Q3. Communication skills in the case of a DSA means
1. Giving lengthy speeches
2. Sending good SMS messages
3. Being talkative
4. Ability to convince the customer with the right choice of words
5. Being multi-linguist
Q4. Effective selling skills depend on
1. Good dress sense
2. Territory allocation
3. Sales call planning
4. Good eye-contact
5. Past performance
Q5. ‘Buyer Resistance’ means
1. Buyers dislike for the product
2. Fight between buyer and the seller
3. Buyers hesitation in buying the product
4. Exchange of products
5. Buyer retracting the sale
Q6. Buyer Resistance can be overcome by
1. Good friendship between buyer and seller
2. Good after sales service
3. Good arguments
4. Good technologies
5. Persuasive communication
Q7. ‘Benchmark’ means
1. Sales performance measurement
2. Marks given to sales persons
3. Appraisal
4. Standard values for comparison
5. Automation
Q8. Innovation in marketing means
1. New technology
2. Globalisation
3. Intense competition
4. New business models
5. Internal marketing
Q9. Marketing opportunities mean
1. Scope for marketing
2. Proper and effective training
3. Market planning
4. Availability of sales outlets
5. Market data
Q10. The USP of a current account is
1. No restrictions on transactions
2. Low TDS
3. High minimum balance
4. High interest balance
5. No need for KYC norms fulfilmen
Q11. Consumer Information sources are
1. Personal source and commercial source
2. Public source
3. Experitial source
4. All of the Above
5. Only (1) and (2)
Q12. Zero-Based Budgeting Means
1. A tool for marketing cost analysis
2. A tool for Financial Analysis
3. Each year, Budgeting starts from a scratch
4. A certain percentage of sales
5. Only (1) and (2)
Q13. The advantages of telephoneinteriew are
1. Relatively low cost per interview
2. Good for reaching important people who are inaccessible
3. Securing Co-operation which is not always possible
4. All od these
5. Only (1) and (2)
Q14. The best advertisement is
1. Glow sign board
2. On Internet
3. T.V. Media
4. Print Media
5. A satisfied Customer
Q15. According to Product life Cycle theory, the profit is maximum in
1. Developed Stage
2. Early Stage
3. Matured Stage
4. Declined Stage
5. None of these
Q16. In banks ROA means
1. Rate of Allocation
2. Return on Assets
3. Return on Advances
4. Only (2) and (3)
5. Ratio of Assets
Q17. The following does not represent a market situation-
(1) A bank run dispensary located in its, staff quarters.
(2) A fund raising charity show for the members of an NGO
(3) A meditation camp of a religious organization concluded for its members.
(4) A stall distributing Kada Prasad in a Religious program
(5) All of these
Q18.Which is a group of related products that function in a similar manner, are sold to the same customer groups and marketed through the same type of the outlets.
(1) Group
(2) Product line
(3) Category
(4) Market
(5) None of these
Q19. Goods that are typically bought by consumer based on a comparison of suitability, quality price and style are called-
———– goods-
(1) Industrial
(2) Specialty
(3) Shopping
(4) Convenience
(5) None of these
Q20. Out of the following —— is not an objective of pricing-
(1) Profit
(2) Stabilizing demand an sales of the product
(3) Improvement in product quality
(4) Expansion of business.
(5) All of these
Q21. Out the following ——- is not the three level of the product-
(1) Core
(2) Symbolic
(3) Augmented
(4) fragmented
(5) None of these
Q22. Of the following pricing methods- —- is not for new product-
(1) Market skimming
(2) Penetration
(3) Discriminatory pricing
(4) None of these
(5) All of the above Ans: 1
Q23. In market skimming pricing strategy—–
(1) Initially price is lower than it is reduced
(2) Initially price is higher than it is reduced
(3) Initial price is high and is maintained high
(4) None of these
(5) All of these
Q24. Bank of Mathura is offering higher interest-ratio on fixed deposit to senior citizens of 60 years and above- It is practicing-
(1) Promotional pricing
(2) Psychological pricing
(3) Segmental pricing
(4) Product mix pricing
(5) All of these
Q25. The following offering is not a service-
(1) Fixed deposit receipt
(2) Postage stamp
(3) Insurance policy
(4) Gift coupon of the chain store.

(5) All of these

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