RRB ALP & Tech(III) 2014 Solved Paper Part-1 [Technical+Science]

RRB ALP & Tech (III) 2014 Solved Paper Part-1 [Technical+Science]

Assistant Loco Pilot Exam 2014

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In this post, we are sharing memory based questions of Technical and Science sections asked in Assistant Loco pilot written exam of 2014. Since after 2014 no exam of ALP till date, so this is the most recent exam of ALP. The upcoming exam question pattern of ALP is very much similar to this one. 


Exam Details:

Notification No: CEN-01/2014
Date of Publication: 18-01-2014
Date of Closing: 17-02-2014
Exam Date: 15-06-2014, 29-06-2014, 13-07-2014 and 20-07-2014
This Memory based previous Papers of ALP-2014 will contains questions collected from different RRBs. The Exam was conducted on different dates with Pen-Paper mode. In this post, we are sharing only two sections “Technical” and “Science”.

Technical+Science Solved Questions:
1. A feeler gauge is used for?
a. adjusting the parts for play
b. checking the gap between mating parts
c. checking radii of jobs
d. checking the accuracy of holes
Ans: b
2. The safety device used to protect eyes while grinding is?
a. hand screen
b. helmet
c. chipping goggles
d. chipping screen
Ans: c
3. Hygrometer used for?
a. measuring humidity
b. measuring earthquake
c. measuring vibration
d. measuring the water level
Ans: a
4. Chemical used for storage/preservation of food crop is? 
5. Which is a vector quantity?
a. Work
b. Energy
c. Momentum
Ans- a

6. ‘Q’ meter is based on the principle of?

7. ‘Q’ meter is used to measure?

8. Rating of fuse wire is expressed as?
(a) kVA
(b) VRS

9. The flatness of a surface is checked by?
(a) Slip gauge
(b) bevel gauge
(c) tri-square

10. Acid present in storage battery is?

11. The process of joining two components by fusion?
(a) Rivetting
(b) welding

12. Specific gravity of sea water?

13. Salt present in sea water?

14. Most of the antibiotic obtained from?
(a) bacteria
(b) fungi
(c) algae
(d) virus

15. Disease due to deficiency of iron?

16. Which of the following reaction is a redox reaction?
(all four option given is in reaction form)

17. ……………….. used for Radio broadcating?
(a) AM
(b) FM
(c) PCM

18. Ratio of tensile stress & compressive stress of a concrete beam ………
(a) Increases
(b) Decreases
(c) constant
(d) first increases then decreases

19. Galvanisation means the coating of?
(a) Zn

20. ALU operates
(a) arithmetic
(b) algorithmic
(c) geometric

21. Multi-bond not present in?
(a) Ethane
(b) Ethene
(c) Ethyne
(d) Benzene

22. Which of the following is not a base?

23. Bernoulli’s equation is based on the principle of conservation of?
Ans- Energy

24. Hydraulic break based on?
(a) Pascal Law
(b) Archmidis Principle

25. One question based on mixture and alligation.

26. Humerous bone- The largest bone and the only bone in the upper arm of the human. 

27. Number of Valance electron in semiconductor?

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