Stock Exchanges and their Index

Stock Exchanges and their Index


1. BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) – SENSEX ( Sensitive Index)
– BSE is oldest stock exchange in Asia located at Dalal Street in Mumbai
– Sensex Consists of 30 companies
2. NSE (National Stock Exchange) – Nifty-50
-NSE is the largest stock exchange in India
-Nifty consists of 50 companies

3. NYSE (Newyork Stock Exchange) – DJ ( Dow Jones)
– NYSE world’s first and largest stock market
4. NASDAQ (National association of securities dealers
Automated Quotation System)- NASD-100
– NASDAQ is the first electronic stock market in the world located in New York.
5. Tokyo Stock Exhange (Japan) – Nikkei-225
6. Korea Stock Exchange(Seoul, South korea) – Kospi
7. Shenghai Stock Exchange(China)- Composite Index
8. Shenzen Stock Exchange(China)- Composite Index
9. German Stock Exchange- DAX(Deutscher Aktein Index)
10. Hong Kong Stock Exchange- Hang Seng
11. SGX (Singapore Exchange)- STI( Straits Times Index)
12. LSE (London Stock exchange) or UK stock exchange- Footsie or FTSE-100 ( Financial Times and London Stock Exchange)
13. France Stock Exchange – CAC-40 (Cotation Assisteeen Continuo)

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