Technical Questions For ALP & Tech. Exam Part-4

Technical Questions for Assistant Loco Pilot and Technician Recruitment Exams Part-4

ALP Technical Section Question Answer

Trade Specific Question:

1.  Which One Of The Following Is An Example Of External Combustion Engine?                                                                                                  

(A) Petrol Engine
(B) Diesel Engine
(C) LPG Engine
(D) Steam Locomotive Engine
2. The Main Characteristic Of Diesel Engines, Which Distinguishes Them Method Of Igniting The Engine Cylinder Of A Diesel Engine?
(A) Compressed Air
(B) Spark Plug
(C) Heater Plug
(D) Battery
3. A 4-Stroke Engine Produces One Power Stroke in
(A) 2 Revolution Of Crankshaft
(B) 4 Revolution Of Crankshaft
(C) 6 Revolution Of Crankshaft
(D) 8 Revolution Of Crankshaft


4. A 2-Storke Cycle Engine Produces One Power Stroke in
(A) Each Revolution Of Crankshaft
(B) 2 Revolution Of Crankshaft
(C) 3 Revolution Of Crankshaft
(D) 4 Revolution Of Crankshaft

5. Which One Of The Following Gives The Correct Position Of Inlet And Exhaust Valves During The Power Stroke?
(A) Inlet Valves Opens And Exhaust Valves Closes
(B) Exhaust Valve Opens And Inlet Valves Closes
(C) Both Valves Remain In Closed Position
(D) Both Valves Remain In Open Position
6.Which Part Of The Piston Is Subjected To High Pressure And Temperature?
(A) Crown
(B) Skirt
(C) Land
(D) Ring Section

7. The Purpose Of A Gudgeon Pin is to
(A) Prevent The Valve Frome Rotating
(B) Link The Connecting Rod To The Crankshaft
(C) Secure The Piston Ring To The Piston
(D) Connect The Piston To The Connecting Rod

8. In a C.I. Engine, The Fuel Is Injected When The Piston
(A) Is Approaching T.D.C. At The End Of The Compression Stroke
(B) Has Just Passed T.D.C. At The Start Of The Power Stroke
(C) Is Approaching B.D.C. At  The Induction Stroke
(D) Has Just Passed B.D.C. At The Compression Stroke
9. To Which One Of Following Part Of The Diesel Engine Injector delivers Fuel?
(A) Fuel Tank
(B) Fuel Filter
(C) Engine Cylinder
(D) Governor
10. Which One Of The Following Statement Is Not True 
(A) Solid Fuels Are Used In Internal Combustion Engines.
(B) The Diesel Fule Should Be Light And Have Low Viscosity.
(C) Volatility Is The Ability Of Gasoline To Evaporate
(D) Fuel Of Lower Viscosity Will Flow More Easily Than That Of Higher Viscosity.

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