Technical Questions For ALP & Tech. Exam Part-5

Technical Questions for ALP and Technician Part-5

Assistant Loco Pilot Technical Questions

Trade specific questions 

1.The special feature of pintle type nozzle is that it
a) has a single hole
b) has an extended stem to form a pin
c) is suitable for cold weather
d) is designed for easy starting
2. Which one of the following works in conjunction with the governor?
a) Coolant pump
b) Fuel injection pump
c) Lubricant pump
d) Fuel feed pump
3. Which one of the following governors is meant to maintain desired engine speed from idling to maximum speed, regardless of load changes?
a) Constant- speed governor
b) Variable speed governor
c) Speed- limiting governor
d) Load- limiting governor
4. The lubricating oil pump outlet is connected to
 a) Oil passage in rocker shaft
b) Oil gallery in cylinder block
c) Timing case inlet union
d) Filter inlet pipe
5. A relief valve is fitted to the main oil gallery of an engine. The purpose of this valve is to
a)Limit the maximum oil pressure
b)Open when the oil is hot
c) Maintain the supply if the gallery becomes blocked
d) Stop the oil flow to the bearings when the pressure is low


6. What term is used to describe the type of lubrication given to an engine pistion?
a) Boundary
b) Pressure
c) Pumped
d) Full- film
7. Water sludge is formed in the crankcase due to mixing of
a) Fuel and oil
b) Water and fuel
c) Water and oil
d) Water and air
8. The fins at the top a motor cycle engine cylinder are longer than those at the bottom because
a) Hot air rises
b) The top is the hottest part
c) They are in an unexposed position
d) Extra strength is required at the top
9. Which part of diesel engine fuel is responsible for minimizing the slushing of fuel due to movement inside of the tank?
a)Filler cap
b) Filler neck
c)Drain plug
10. Which of the following drives the fuel feed pump?
a)Engine flywheel
b)FIP Camshaft
c)Timing gears
d)Engine crankshaft

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Answer Key
1- b
2- b
3- b
4- b
5- a
6- a
7- c
8- b
9- d
10- b

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