Technical Questions for ALP & Tech. Part-10

Technical Questions for ALP & Tech. Part-10

Trade specific Questions for ALP: 

This Test is based on Previous Loco Pilot Exams. Helpful for upcoming ALP & Tech written Exam.


Useful for Railway Technical Exams 

1. Channel bandwidth in FM is
a. less than FM
b. equal to FM
c. greater than FM
d. none of these

2. The area of reception of FM is
a. much greater than AM
b. much less than AM
c. equal to AM

d. none of these

3. Cosmic noise is caused by
a. lightning discharges
b. solar eruptions
c. distant stars

d. individual discharges

4. In AM receivers the intermediate frequency is
a. 10 MHz
b. 5 MHz
c. 265 MHz
d. 465 MHz

5. Hartley oscillator is commonly used in
a. radio current
b. DC generator
c. camera

d. transformer

6. The crystal oscillator may give oscillations in order of
a. Hz
b. kHz
c. MHz

d. non of these

7. The energy band gap of oscillation is
a. 1.1 eV
b. 1.41 eV
c. 1.08 eV
d. 1.3 eV

8. Negative feedback in an amplifier contributes to
a. better thermal stability
b. better noise reduction
c. reducing gain
d. all are true

9. For what load current is a Zener voltage regulator used?
a. small
b. large
c. moderate

d. None of these

10. The meter which is commonly used for servicing TV is known as
a. meggar
b. multimeter
c. frequency meter

d. none of these

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