GK Tricks For History Questions

Tricks to Remember History Questions

GK Tricks 

1. GPRS is Trick to memorize places where Harappa Civilization found.
G= Gujrat
P= Punjab
R= Rajsthan
S= Sindh

2. CBI is Trick to memorize metals which was used by Human Civilization in sequence.
C= Copper
B= Bronze
I= Iron


3. MEN V/s Hyder Ali1st Anglo Mysore war fought between MEN V/s Hyder Ali.
M= Marathas
E= English 
N= Nizam of Hydrabad

4. MAIN- These are 4 MAIN Causes of 1st World War.
M= Militarism
A= Alliance System
I= Imperialism
N= Nationalism

5. BHAJSAB– [This pronounce like Bhai Sab] 
Important Mughal King in Order
B= Babur
H= Humayun
A= Akbar
J= Jahanghir
S= Shahjahan
A= Aurangzeb
B= Bahadur Sah Zafar

Cabinet Mission had member namely-
Pathic Lawrence
A.V. Alexender
Stafford Cripps

7. LHS
Left Horse Side
Description- On National emblem (Lion Capital of Ashoka) Horse is on Left side of wheel.

8. Indian National Flag- Tricolour
Three colors of Indian National Flag represent CrPF 
Saffron Colour= Cr = Courage
White= P = Peace
Green= F = Faith

9. Greek Philosopher
Greek ‘SPA
= Socrates
= Plato
= Aristotle [Guru of Alexender]

10. Sindhu Valley Civilization’s people are aware of –

SoChTa SiTi
So = Sona [Gold]
Ch = Chandi [Silver]
Ta = Tamba [Copper]
Si = Sisa [Glass]
Ti = Tin [Tin]

More Tricks will be updated soon…Keep Visiting.

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