Important Questions for BPSC Prelim Exam-1

Most Important Questions for BPSC Prelim Exam-1

Important GS

GS related with Bihar

1. From Bihar who followed Gandhi to Champaran?
Ans- Anugrah Narayan Singh, Dharanidhar, Brajkishore Prasad.

2. In May 1934 Congress Socialist party came into existence under the Presidentship of?
Ans- Narendra Dev

3. The first recipient of Ashok Chakra from Bihar?
Ans- Late Randhir Verma.

4. First Muslim Governor from Bihar?
Ans- Zakir Hussain

5. Area wise largest district of Bihar?
Ans- Gaya


6. Jai Prakash Narayan received Bharat Ratna in?
Ans- 1999

7. The length of Gandhi setu?
Ans- 5755 Km

8. First yoga university of the world in?
Ans- Munger

9. Sources talk about ”Ang-Mahajanpada” which is present in Bhagalpur?
Ans- Anguttar Nikkaya, Bhagavati Sutra.

10. How many districts of Bihar touches with Nepal Border?
Ans- 7

11. Which News paper published first from Patna?
Ans- Indian Nation.

12. During summer which is the hottest city of Bihar?
Ans- Gaya

13. Most densely populated district of Bihar?
Ans- Patna

14. Janki Prasad started Home Rule League Association in Bihar from?
Ans- Muzaffarpur

15. Orissa was separated from Bihar in?
Ans- 1936

16. Bismillah Khan, Shehnai Vadak -an awardee of Bharat Ratna in 2001 was from?
Ans- Dumraon

17. When Railway started first time in Bihar?
Ans- 1860-62

18. Highest Peak of Bihar?
Ans- Someshwar

19. Bihar is bounded on North by?
Ans- Nepal.

20. Total Geographical Area of Bihar?
Ans- 94,136 Km2

21. During the reorganization of State in 1956, Bihar had how many districts?
Ans- 17

22. Kakolat waterfall is in which city of Bihar?
Ans- Navada

23. Bihar position in Jute production?
Ans- 2nd.

24. Which district of Bihar leads in potato production?
Ans- Patna

25. The Position of Bihar in rice production?
Ans- 5th.

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