Important Questions for BPSC Prelim Part-3

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Bihar Special GK

GK for BPSC Preliminary Exam

1. Sadakat Ashram is associated with which leader?
Ans- Dr. Rajendra Prasad

2. Bihar State Financial Corporation established in?
Ans- 1954

3. Bhimbandh wildlife sanctuary located in?
Ans- Munger

4. Where is Mica found in Bihar?
Ans- Gaya, Munger, Bhagalpur

5. Number of seats in Rajya sabha from Bihar?
Ans- 16


6. Which district of Bihar has the densest forest?
Ans- Rohtas

7. Tobacco producing district in Bihar?
Ans- Muzaffarpur, Darbhanga, Samastipur, Purnea, Munger

8. The first state with BSNL mobile facility?
Ans- Bihar

9. Founder of Sulabh International?
Ans- Bideshwari Pathak

10. How many times president rule imposed in Bihar?
Ans- 8 times

11. First Poet of Magahi language?
Ans- Ishan

12. Indian Railway Wagon Factory in Bihar?
Ans- Muzaffarpur and Mokama

13. In 1857 Kunwar Singh established his own government in?
Ans- Kaimur

14. In Bihar Sharif which saint tomb is located?
Ans- Pir Makhdum Sharfuddin Saheb

15. Monsoon retreat from Bihar during?
Ans- 2nd week of October

16. Bihar get rainfall from where?
Ans- Bay of Bengal

17. Golghar made during regim of?
Ans- Lord Corn Wallis

18.  Tomb of Sufi saint Makhdum Saheb is situated in?
Ans- Maner

19. Magahi language mainly spoken in which district of Bihar?
Ans- Gaya and Patna

20. The only gold deposit in Bihar?
Ans- Karmatia village, Bihar

21. First English daily Newspaper of Bihar?
Ans- Search Light

22. First Hindi newspaper of Bihar?
Ans- Bihar Bandhu,1874

23. First member of parliament who won 8 times?
Ans- Jag jeevan Ram, from Sasaram

24. Guru Govind Singh born in Patna in?
Ans- 1966

25. Bihar Rashtra Bhasha Parisad established in?
Ans- 1950

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