Important Questions for BPSC Prelim Part-2

Important Questions for BPSC Preliminary Exam Part-2

BPSC Preliminary 

Model Questions

1. First Bank which is established in Bihar was?
Ans- Union Bank of India

2. The first foreign traveler, who visited Bihar?
Ans- Raulf Fitcher 

3. Canal irrigation in Bihar is prominent in the?
Ans- Northern Plane of Ganga

4. When was Koshi Project started?
Ans- 1954

5. The sorrow of Bihar?
Ans- Koshi River


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6. Which language of Bihar is added in the 8th schedule of the constitution in 2003?
Ans- Maithili

7. Percentage of women literacy in Bihar?

8. First Doordarshan center was established in which place of Bihar?
Ans- Muzaffarpur

9. The number of Gram Panchayat in Bihar?
Ans- 8471

10. Which district of Bihar has lowest literacy rate?
Ans- Kishanganj

11. In 1970-71 Sanyashi Kranti is related with which district of Bihar?
Ans- Purnia

12. What percentage of agricultural land is used in Bihar?
Ans- 39%

13. Bihar Hydroelectric power established in?
Ans- 2004

14. Baroni oil refinery founded with the help of which country?
Ans- USSR [Now Russia]

15. Bhojpuri is mainly spoken in which parts of Bihar?
Ans- Bhojpur, Saran, East Champaran.

16. Magnese found in Bihar in?
Ans- Gaya, Munger

17. Tea producing district in Bihar?
Ans- Kishanganj

18. During the period of Aurangzeb Patna was known as?
Ans- Azimabad

19. Who led 1857 revolt in Patna?
Ans- Pir Ali

20. When did Bihar faced large earthquake which destroyed a large number of Man and Material?
Ans- 15 June 1934

21. Which district of Bihar is declared as Crime District during 1942 quit India movement?
Ans- Saran

22. The Capital of Jarasandh
Ans- Rajgir

23. The length of Bihar from North to South?
Ans- 345 Km

24. When did crop insurance policy came in force in Bihar?
Ans- 1 April 2000

25. The Sikh guru who visited Bihar first?
Ans- Guru Nanak

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