Important Questions for BPSC Preliminary Part-4

BPSC Preliminary Model GS Question Part-4


Bihar Special GK

1. First time president rule in Bihar is imposed in?
Ans- 1968

2. Medicine manufacturing unit in Bihar is located in?
Ans- Hajipur

3. Which city of Bihar is directly linked to Bangkok and Columbo
Ans- Gaya

4. When doordarshan kendra established first time in India?
Ans- 1978

5. Head of Bhagalpur rite enquiry commission?
Ans- Justice AN Singh


6. How many percentage of Bihar population live in rural areas?
Ans- 84.32%

7. Flood affected areas of Bihar is?
Ans- 64.41 lakh hectare

8. Rajendra Krishi vishv vidyalaya is situated in?
Ans- Pusa

9. World AIDS Day?
Ans- 1 December

10. Number of Lok sabha seats in Bihar?
Ans- 40

11. Which temperature reading show same value on Fahrenheit and Celcius scale?
Ans- -40’C

12. Strength of Bihar Legislative Council?
Ans- 75

13. Strength of Bihar Legislative Assembly?
Ans- 243

14. Patna High court is established in?
Ans- 1916

15. Present Cheif Election Commissioner of India?
Ans- Nasim Zaidi

16. Bihar Foundation day is celebrated on?
Ans- 22 March

17. Nalanda University is founded in?
Ans- 2010

18. Nabi Nagar Power Generating Company is a joint Venture of?
Ans- NTPC and Bihar State Power Holding Company Ltd.

19. BIADA stand for?
Ans- Bihar Industrial Area Development Authority

20. Gandhi ji started first Satyagrah from which part of Bihar?
Ans- Champaran

21. Who was the president of Gaya session of Indian National Congress in 1922?
Ans- Chitranjan Das

22. Which is the unique festival of Bihar?
Ans- Chath Puja

23. Gautam Buddha gave his first sermon at?
Ans- Sarnath 

24. Who is called the Nepolian of Ancient India?
Ans- Samudra Gupta

25. Number of Districts in Bihar?
Ans- 38

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