Technical Questions for ALP & Tech. Part-12

Technical Questions for ALP & Tech. Part-12

Trade specific Questions for ALP: 

This Test is based on Previous Loco Pilot Exams. Helpful for upcoming ALP & Tech written Exam.


Useful for Railway Technical Exams 

1. In an N-P-N transistor, current flows out of the
a. Emitter
b. base
c. collector
d. none of these

2. A temperature difference of 27C on the kelvin scale is
a. 27 K
b. 300 K
c. -246 K

d. zero

3. The fuel used for engines used for bulk transportation of goods & passengers is 
a. petrol
b. kerosene
c. natural gas

d. diesel

4. striking voltage as compared to voltage during arc welding is
a. less
b. same
c. more
d. unpredictable

5. The material used for coating the electrode is called

a. flux
b. slag
c. protective layer

d. deoxidiser

6. A good conductor while carrying current is

a. alternately charged positive and negative
b. negatively charged
c. positively charged
d. electrically neutral

7. The angle between the magnetic meridian and the geographical meridian at a place is

a. azimuth
b. dip
c. declination
d. latitude

8.The device used for measuring the wavelength of x-rays is

a. g. m. counter
b. cyclotron
c. Bragg spectrometer

d. mass spectrometer

9.Alpha particle is the nucleus of an atom of

a. Lithium
b. hydrogen
c. helium

d. oxygen

10. what is the primary function of a fuse?
a. to protect the appliances
b. to open the circuit
c. to prevent high current flow
d. to protect the line

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