Technical Questions for ALP & Tech. Part-8

Technical Questions for ALP & Tech. Part-8

Trade specific Question

This Test is based on Previous Loco Pilot Exams. Helpful for upcoming ALP & Tech written Exam.


Useful for all Railway Technical Exams [Like ALP, Technician, JE and SSE also]

1. Fuse wire is made of?

(a) 63% Tin and 37% Lead
(b) 63% Lead and 37% Tin
(c) 63% Tin and 37% Aluminium
(d) 63% Lead and 37% Aluminium

2. In India frequency of AC Mains is?

(a) 50 c/s
(b) 60 c/s
(c) 100 c/s
(d) 220 c/s 

3. Which amongst the following is an example of chemical change?

(a) Evaporation of seawater
(b) Melting of ice
(c) Burning of Magnesium wire in air
(d) Reduction of iodine

4. Two parallel wires carrying electric current in the same direction will attract each other because?

(a) There is kinetic difference between them
(b) There is mutual emf between them
(c) There is electrical force between them

(d) There is magnetic force between them

5. In an oil lamp, there is a hole in the chimney, because

(a) Smoke may come out
(b) Lamp may glow with brilliance
(c) Oxygen may be available to the glowing lamp

(d) Heat due to glowing may continue to go out 

6. Actually, and ordinary machine’s efficiency is?

(a) Less than 100%
(b) Equal to 100%
(c) More than 100%

(d) Always less than 100%

7. Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched?

(a) Pascal-Pressure
(b) Gauss-Light
(c) Ampere-Current

(d) Electric potential-Volt

8. Amongst the following industries, which one is the most developed one in the public sector?

(a) Iron and Steel
(b) Sugar
(c) Jute

(d) Cotton Textile

9. What is the use of Barometer?

(a) to measure air pressure
(b) to determine the relative density
(c) to measure the depth of the ocean

(d) to measure the height of the aeroplane.

10. How many 100 watt bulbs on the supply of 220 volts can be safely used with 5 ampere fuse?
(a) 5

(b) 8
(c) 11

(d) 20

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