Technical Questions for ALP & Tech. Part-13

Technical Questions for ALP & Tech. Part-13

Trade specific Questions for ALP: 

This Test is based on Previous Loco Pilot Exams. Helpful for upcoming ALP & Tech written Exam.


Useful for Railway Technical Exams 

1. The mineral structure of diamond is?
a. Zn
b. Ni
c. N
d. C

2. The safe temperature to keep vegetables fresh in refrigerator is?
a. 4 degree C
b. 0 degree C
c. 18 degree C

d. 10 degree C

3. Safety device used to protect eyes while grinding is?
a. hand screen
b. helmet
c. chipping goggles

d. chipping screen

4. A filler gauge is used for
a. adjusting the parts for play
b. checking gap between mating parts
c. checking radii of jobs
d. checking accuracy of holes

5. When a beam of light is passes through a prism, the colour that undergoes least deviation is?

a. Violet
b. Indigo
c. Red

d. Green

6. Silver is a

a. magnetic material
b. good conductor of electricity
c. bad conductor of electricity
d. none

7. The value of ‘g’ willbe maximum at?

a. Mt. Everest
b. at the peak of Qutub Minar
c. equator
d. Antarctica

8. Which of the following is not audiable sound?

a. 25 Hz
b. 200 Hz
c. 25000 Hz

d. 18000 Hz

9. Solder is an alloy of?

a. Copper and Tin
b. Copper and Aluminium
c. Lead and Tin

d. None

10. The hardest material in the following is?
a. glass
b. iron
c. diamond
d. wood

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