100+ One Liner GS from Previous Railway Exams

100+ One Liner GS from Previous Railway Exams

All One Line Questions Listed is with correct Answer. If you found any error in Answer Please report through Comment.

1. The number of molecules present in a gram molecule called? – Avogadro number
2. What is the value of Avogadro’s number? – 6.023 × 1023
3. What is called sodium bicarbonate? – Baking soda
4. Sodium carbonate is called? – Skip soda or soda ash or soda Soul
5. This substance, which changes the rate of a chemical reaction, what is called? – Catalyst
6. fixed ratio of two or more elements made up what is known as substance? – Compound
7. The periodic table of the elements (long) How many groups? – 18
8. periodic table of the elements (long) is the periodic How much? – 7
9. Who was the discovery of the atomic number? – Mosle the
10. The Constitution of India in the advancement of any socially and educationally backward classes and scheduled castes and tribes have special provisions under which section? – Section 15
11. What lesson fundamental right given to citizens by the Constitution and which are outlined in paragraphs? – Chapter III, Article 12 to 32
12. Fundamental rights in the Supreme Court amended the relevant Ndhi win the respect o the dispute was who he was and what e. Was? – Shankaree offerings Case 1951 AD.
13. untouchability  in Chapter III of the Constitution, which under Article does his? – Article 17
14. What right has been removed from the category of fundamental rights Muln? – Property rights
15. Parliament relating to the fundamental rights established by the amendment to the Articles? – Amendment 24
16. The fundamental rights mentioned in the Constitution is the right to modify whom? – Parliament
17. Who acts as the guardian of fundamental rights? – Supreme and High Court
18. The atomic bomb is based on what? – On nuclear fission
19. hydrogen bomb is based on what? – Nuclear fusion
20. Solid carbon dioxide is called? – Dry ice
21. Which is the hardest substance found in nature does? – Diamond
22. What is gold? – Iron sulfide
23. Marsh gas – Methane
24. What is a lead pencil? – Graphite
25. Whose ore rock salt? – Sodium
26. What is the formula of plaster of Paris? – [CaSO4] 2H2O
27. What is found in coffee? – Caffeine, a purine
28. What is the pH of pure water? – 7
29. What is the pH of the milk? – 6.6
30. What is used to extinguish the fire? – carbon dioxide
31. The fundamental duties mentioned article of the Constitution which has been in? – Article 51 (A)
32. The purpose of the Directive Principles of State Policy is to establish what kind of state? – Welfare state
33. Directive Principles of State Policy which country was taken from? – Ireland
34. The concept of the welfare state, which under the Constitution is mentioned in the article? – 99
35. Directive Principles of State Policy of the Constitution which are described in chapter? – IV
36. Directive Principles of State Policy of the Constitution which are mentioned in the article? – From 36 to 51
37. What is the purpose of the Directive Principles of State Policy? – Achieve economic independence economic
38. Which gas to the surface of silver is black? – Ozone
39. ‘Galena’ Whose ore? – Lead
40. What is the purest water? – Rain
41. What is pure water? – Nostalgic
42. What is the Chinese chemical terms? – Sucrose
43. heavy water whose oxide is it? – Of Druteriam
44. What gas smells like rotten fish? – Ozone gas
45. What kind of gas smells rotten eggs? – Hydrogen sulfide gas
46. Who bronze alloy? – Copper and tin
47. What is the flower of zinc? – Zinc oxide
48. Which gas is released from coal mines? – methane gas
49. What is used to make artificial flavoring? – Ethyl acetate
50. fruit juices which acid is used to preserve? – Formic acid
51. Whose blood is used to stop the flow? – Ferric chloride
52. A gas at normal atmospheric pressure, the volume of a gram molecule is? – 22.4 liters
53. Period in which human beings? – Playosin era
54. What period was at the origin of life? – Pre-Cambrian
55. Who is called the father of medicine? – Hippocrates
56. How many bones are in the adult human body? – 206
57. Who is the custodian of the Constitution? – Supreme Court
58. Who is the world’s fastest flying bird? – Baz
59. All animals found on earth who runs the fastest? – Cheetah
60. Who ‘Father of heredity is called? – Joan Gregor Mendl’s
61. sour milk is by whom? – Bacteria
62. What determines the sex of the baby? – Father of chromosomes
63. What changes in blood pressure while sleeping? – Curves
64. Ecology (Ecology) is related to whom? – Organisms and the environment from Shsambndhon
65. What work does the camel his hump use? – To store fat
66. Which vitamin is sunlight? – vitamin D
67. Who made the cell membrane? – Protein and lipid
68. If the mother and the father’s blood type is A, then their children will be blood group? – A
69. The parents of the children whom the properties are transferred? – By chromosome
70. Which part of body remove the impurities in the blood are – kidneys
71. What is the socialist state? – Is the socialist state, which tends to focus on the interests of all of society, all the physical means of production are owned by society and the Samparnu is not any inequality
72. As noted in the preamble of the Constitution “democratic” under the word of how democracy is conceived? – Samaki both the political and democratic approach to governance that is not only democracy but also to society Loktntratk
73. Why is the Republic of India to the Union? – Head of the republic is elected and is elected for a set period of India
74. Who ‘suicide bag is called? – To lysosomes
75. What part of the body from excessive drinking is affected? – Liver
76. Which organ in the body, blood bank community that work? – Spleen (Spleen)
77. India’s first successful heart transplant is the Sren Who? – Dr. P. Venugopal
78. Which part of the body is building Pitta? – Hepatic
79. Who is the father of homeopathy as Ddhti? – Hainimn
80. What is used to make bread? – Yeast
81. What was the name of the first test-tube baby? – Luis
82. Which disease from lack of oxygen? – Haipokgia
83. What part of the body heat is Nimayn? – From a part of the brain called the hypothalamus
84. The edible part of the plant turmeric – Rhizome
85. What amount is the highest in spinach leaves? – Iron
86. What does quinine from the bark of the tree? – Cinchona belladonna
87. Sericulture is related to whom? – For the production of raw silk from silkworms raise
88. What does the plant fiber and Khady fruit? – banana
89. Which law is the first rule of India was built by the British Parliament? – Government of India Act (The Government of India Act), 1858
90. The Government of India Act of the British Parliament, which in 1858 had passed away? – The company is unable to run rule in India and Indians in the Indian government’s cooperation
91. What rule was abolished by the Act of the company? – Government of India Act 1858, by
92. Which act by the British government after the country’s first organized association of Indians in the administration? – Indian Council Act (The Indian Council’s Act), 1861
93. Central Sugarcane Research Institute (C.S.R.I.) Where? – Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu)
94. Central Cotton Research Institute (C.C.R.I.) Where? – Nagpur
95. Production of pulses is highest in Indian state? – Uttar Pradesh
96. ‘Tikka’ which fruit is related to disease? – peanut
97. ‘Green Bali’ disease which is associated with the harvest? – Millet
98. ‘Operation Flood’ is related to whom? – Dairy development
99. Who is composed of cellulose? – Glucose
100. World Forestry Day is celebrated? – March 21
101. Chipko movement is related to whom? – From green to stop cutting trees
102 ‘Marino’ What breed? – Sheep
103. Ranikhet disease is associated with? – From poultry
104. Which milk is heating Pasturisation at – 62 ° C
105. Which gas released during plant photosynthesis occurs? – Oxygen
106. When did the first meeting of the Constituent Assembly? – December 9, 1946 to
107. Who was the president of the Constituent Assembly temporary? – Dr. Sacchidanand Sinha
108. Who was the permanent President of the constitution possible? – Dr. Rajendra Prasad
109. The Chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee to whom was made? – Dr. BR Ambedkar
110. The Indian Constituent Assembly who had submitted proposals aimed at? – Jawaharlal Nehru
111. Who Nehru Report was presented? – Pt. Motilal Nehru
112. Mantegu-Chelmsford Reforms Act (Montagu Chelmsford Reforms Act) was passed which year? – 1919 AD.
113. Marley-Minto Reforms Act (Morley-Minto Reforms Act) was passed which year? – 1909 AD.
114. diarchy in provinces which were under the Act apply? – Government Act (The Government of India Act), 1909
115. Who is the smallest bird in the world? – Cuba’s Hrming bird

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