Lines between Different Countries in the World

Lines between Different Countries in the World

1. Durand Line: Pakistan and Afghanistan
2. Mc. Mohan Line: India(Arunachal Pradesh Region) and China
3. Radcliff Line: India and Pakistan
4. Line of Control :It divides Kashmir between India and Pakistan.
5. Hidden berg Line: Germany and Poland

6. Maginot Line: France and Germany
7. Older Neisse Line: Germany and Poland
8. Mannerheim Line :Russia and Finland border.
9. Siegfried Line : Germany and France.
10. 17th Parallel: North Vietnam and South Vietnam
11. 24th Parallel : India and Pakistan.
12. 26th Parallel : Australia & South Africa
13. 38th Parallel: North Korea and South Korea

14. 49th Parallel: Canada and USA 

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